Guide Books

Iskeroon is written up in a number of independent guidebooks, including:

  • Taschen’s The Hotel Book – Great Escapes Europe
  • The Bridgestone Guide’s “100 Best Places to Stay in Ireland”
  • Karen Brown’s “Ireland: Charming Inns & Itineraries”
  • The Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Ireland guide
  • The Bridgestone Irish Food Guide
  • Frommer’s Ireland Guide
  • Georgina Campbell’s Ireland Guide
  • Cadogan Guide to South West Ireland
  • By The  Water’s Edge – Ireland’s Best Coastal Retreats

We have no control over what these guidebooks write about us, and none of these books charge us to be included.  Many other so-called independent guidebooks do charge for entry and we are constantly being asked by them to join – we always refuse.

Bridgestone Guide 100 Best Places to Stay in Ireland

“Iskeroon’s extraordinary location at the ocean’s edge explains its world-wide renown, and David and Geraldine have designed and furnished their suite and self-catering apartment with exactly the right sort of chic rusticity. Iskeroon is pretty unforgettable, pretty amazing”

Frommer’s Ireland

“This is as good as it gets for this price … It’s got the best of both worlds: tranquil and yet just a short walk away to the beach or a lovely pub or a pier, for island cruises. This place gets sold out long in advance, so book early.”

Karen Brown’s Ireland, Exceptional Places to Stay

“Even though it is only just over 4 kilometres from the Ring of Kerry, Iskeroon is one of the most hidden and secluded properties in Ireland … and boasts the most spectacular view in Ireland – truly a hidden gem.”

Taschen’s Hotel Book

Taschen’s Hotel Book is a guide to some of “the most spectacular getaways in Europe.” Although Iskeroon is emphatically not a hotel, we were delighted to be included in this amazing book, the first in a series of ‘Hotel Books’ published by Taschen. Iskeroon is the only place in the Republic of Ireland of the 43 places featured, which include the Ice Hotel in Sweden, the Cipriani in Venice, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St Moritz and the Portixol in Palma. One couple from Japan read about Iskeroon in this book, and came here for their honeymoon, taking 24 hours non-stop from Tokyo, and speaking not a word of English. We think (and hope) they enjoyed themselves a lot – their comment in the Visitors’ Book is of course in Japanese.